How to Keep Your Hair Colour Vibrant


Colouring your hair is an easy way to update your look! Yes, it could be costly and take too much of your time so it’s only practical to extend your hair colour’s life. In order to keep your vibrant hair colour last long, here are a few tips.

    1. Always deep condition your hair. Moisturized hair makes it difficult for hair colour to fade. So next time, use a good conditioner with a moisturizing ingredient like aloe Vera extract.
    2. Go organic. Harsh chemicals found in shampoos can make your colour look dull. Opt for organic hair products that are gentle and safe for treated hair.
    3. Protect your hair from the sun. Heat is your hair colour’s number one enemy. In order to prevent it from fading quickly, wear a hat or a scarf when you’re outdoors. It’s also good if you use hair serums with at least SPF20.

A Beauty Guide to Lipsticks 101


With a wide selection of lip colour available in the market, it may seem pretty hard to find the right one that suits you. The trick in finding your perfect shade is to pick the one that is two shades deeper than your natural lip hue. For fair-skinned girls, opt for shades with nude pinkish tones. If you’re medium-skinned, go for a berry toned lipstick. For dark skinned girls, a warm toned lippie would suit you best. Be cautious in constantly applying lipstick though because a recent study showed that many lipsticks contains harmful metals such as chromium, lead, cadmium and manganese. So next time, take it easy when adding colour to your lips.

Glam Up on Time with Philip Stein


Functionality and Fashion: that’s what Philip Stein Women’s 4FMOPABS Small Alligator Strap Watch is all about. Fit for the elegant career woman who’s bound to explore the world, this dazzling dual dial watch features oval-shaped dual-time zone displays in an elegant mother-of-pearl hue complemented by silver-tone short hands. Traveling on time would never be a drag for this timepiece with a rectangular case and bezel brushed in silver-tone stainless steel has a steadfast Swiss Quartz Movement. With its lovely black alligator strap, this double dial watch definitely oozes with glamour. Not only that, two TESLAR chips which is known for improving the wearer’s sleep, concentration and well-being is attached at the back of this timepiece. So if you’re looking for double dial watches with both quality and style, Philip Stein Women’s 4FMOPABS Small Alligator Strap Watch is the one.