Maxon FL-9 Flanger Pedal

Ever wonder how musicians conceptualize and create music? Even I, get to be really amazed on how creative musicians can be when it comes to mix and matching notes and tunes. I agree when people say that this kind of profession requires both talent and skills. But I have something here that I want to add to that. In order for you to be good on whatever you’re doing, I believe that you should equip yourself with the right materials on hand. Musicians have their own set of materials in order to produce quality music, just like a painter needs required pieces to create a majestic masterpiece, make sense? Good thing that even the most advanced equipment today are already available online. In just a click, you can purchase your needs, such as fl9 pedal, electric guitar, amplifier, etc.

Beauty Emergency: Say Goodbye to Your Pimples in an Instant

Say Goodbye to Your Pimples in an Instant

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up and find a red, swelling, bump on your face? Whatever occasion or day it is, a pimple is a major beauty bummer. Breakout can happen anytime but no need to fret though because blemishes are natural. Plus, there are a few tricks to minimize the irritation!

The first trick is to apply an ice cube on the affected area for five minutes. Cooling it down with ice will help reduce redness and swelling. Just don’t forget to not leave the ice cube on long because it will burn your skin!

To cover up the blemish, apply a concealer on the affected area. Note that some concealers don’t really blend in all skin colours so choose the right one that is at least one shade darker to you. After applying concealer, brush on a translucent powder to keep the concealer in place.

Setting Time To Learn A New Skill

Sometimes I thought of just leaving my social media accounts to focus on what really matters. I don’t intend to offend others who regularly visit their accounts, I just feel like it’s not personally good for me anymore. It keeps me occupied, and I tell you, browsing my social media accounts consume so much of my time. I plan to learn a new skill this year. That includes playing any musical instruments, which I thought it would be really great to have anything from progear. I’m sure not a musically inclined person, but music for me, can be a breather somehow, from all the exhaustion in everyday living. What more if I can be the one who plays and creates the music, that would be really fun, I suppose!