Channel Rack Mount Digital Mixer

Whenever I hear loud and entertaining music, I always thought of how it feels to be the one creating and mixing the music. I mean, it sounds so easy to do, but I’m sure it’s a totally different thing when you’re up there and doing the thing. Especially if you do it live around a huge number of people. They use different techniques and styles on their own to produce the kind of music that their audience would like to hear. They also use different digital mixing equipment like the qu-16 which takes you to a whole new professional level of mixing experience.

Peavey Acoustic Guitar

There are a lot of things that I wish I learned to know or learned to do when I was still a kid. One of these is to know how to play an acoustic guitar. I made several attempts of learning the skill, but no luck. I wasn’t very keen and consistent during those times and I admit my lack of push made it so hard for me to learn the skill. But who knows, I may not have succeed years ago, but now I could if I have the instrument to use. If I can choose, I’d like to get the peavey acoustic guitar to kickstart this new hobby.