Sneaky Tricks You Didn’t Know You can Do with Some Beauty Products


Those beauty loots you keep in your purse can actually do a lot more than you think.
Beauty emergencies can happen anytime so it’s much better to keep a few handy-dandy products to save you from time to time. Take a look at a few of common daily products below which can actually be used in different beauty dilemma

    1. Cologne .A Cologne does not only keep you smelling sweet all day, it can also help remove stains in an instant. Most cologne are alcohol-based, hence, it’s your quick fix the next time you spill ketchup on your top. Just spritz enough amount of cologne on the stain then rub it off.
    2. Baby Powder. Aside from making you feel fresh and dry, this product can also help remove sand on your legs. Next time you’re back from the beach and is having a hard time removing the sand that stuck on your legs. The trick is to apply a powder on your legs or wherever the sand is, then pat if off carefully.
    3. Conditioner. If you can’t afford to buy shaving gel, use this instead. Just be careful to not apply too much conditioner though.

Dare to Wear Rainbow Hair

Rainbow Hair Color

Would you? You don’t need to have a glam squad to sport a rainbow hair color. I’ve been searching around pinterest and found these amazing girls who rock with their rainbow colored hair! You see, these are real girls which proves that not only celebrities can play with hues, but us too. A little bit of experiment can be really pretty, and you can do the coloring on your own too!



Hello world – Ultimate Lifestyle!

Smartphone Connected To Laptop Computer

Hey everyone! Welcome to Ultimate-Lifestyle blog where I puff out anything random, or anything fancy and enthralling, at least! This is just a quick intro while I finish everything on this site. You see, I’m still cooking something here. I use omega theme as my base theme, just because this lazy girl convinced herself that modifying a theme will consume lesser time than coding her own, and yes it did!

I’ll be leaving you all for now (as if someone minds this). Til my next post, yes?