The Secret to Smooth and Beautiful Hair

Is your hair a mess? Sometimes the culprit behind a bad hair day is the lathering up the wrong type of shampoo. The wrong type of shampoo may cause your hair to dry—leaving you with frizzy, hard to tame hair or making your hair colour fade faster. Since we all have different hair types, choose a shampoo that suits you. There are many shampoos that cater for a specific hair type. For example if you have wavy hair that dries fast, choose hydrating shampoo. Also, keep in mind to check the labels of the shampoos you purchase. Sulphate-free formulas tend to be milder to your hair and scalp. Try also opting for gentler organic shampoos that will nourish your hair.

Beauty Emergency: Say Goodbye to Your Pimples in an Instant

Say Goodbye to Your Pimples in an Instant

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up and find a red, swelling, bump on your face? Whatever occasion or day it is, a pimple is a major beauty bummer. Breakout can happen anytime but no need to fret though because blemishes are natural. Plus, there are a few tricks to minimize the irritation!

The first trick is to apply an ice cube on the affected area for five minutes. Cooling it down with ice will help reduce redness and swelling. Just don’t forget to not leave the ice cube on long because it will burn your skin!

To cover up the blemish, apply a concealer on the affected area. Note that some concealers don’t really blend in all skin colours so choose the right one that is at least one shade darker to you. After applying concealer, brush on a translucent powder to keep the concealer in place.

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair Pronto

Nothing looks sexier than flaunting your long gorgeous legs! All the It-girls right now are going loco over cute dresses, skater skirts and denim shorts. The last thing you need to slip into these trendy pieces is a hairy leg. True, with just a quick shave you can remove all those fuss but the trouble is when those little itchy stubbles begin to appear. Eventually these stubbles will form into a bump. Those are called ingrown hairs, a newly-cut hair strand that grows right back into your skin. Ingrown hair is a common problem among women who shave their legs but you can actually get rid of it!

All you have to do is place a warm washcloth on the affected areas to reduce the bump. To avoid getting ingrown hair after you shave, make sure to exfoliate first before running a razor over your legs. This will get rid of skin cells that may trap hair. Also, shave in the direction of your hair growth and get a new razor after four shaves.