Finding the Perfect Outfit through Zanstyle at Stylebest

zanstyle at stylebest

Hey guys! I recently discovered this brand called zanstyle at stylebest which sells adorable pieces of clothes for men and women. They will be having a sale that will run for a week starting tomorrow, August 14 until August 21. So be sure to check their items as early as now to see what they have to offer. Great deals are available during the sale and you would not want to miss that out. I have found my three favorites through my recent browsing from zanstyle at stylebest and I’m writing to share this fab pieces to you.

Women Shorts Pantskirt – This one looks like your ordinary skirt, but not really. The side detail adds up to my liking and it’s something that I can still wear on casual days.

Women Black Camisole Top – I love camisole tops! They’re so comfortable and can be a perfect match for either skirt or jeans. They’re so easy to play with! It’s the reason why I can’t have too many cami tops in my wardrobe.

Ankle Length Cropped Pants – There are days when I feel like wearing a dress can be too much for me. I don’t belong to the girl girl type when it comes to dressing. Same reason why I’m more comfortable wearing pants than skirt. That answers why this cropped pants is part of my top picks too!

That it for me, now your turn! I want to know which pieces of clothes you like best from zanstyle at stylebest too! Let me know through the comment section. Again, their great deal is happening tomorrow, catch it before it’s too late.

Ibanez 7 String

Music is part of our everyday’s life, even without us noticing. I’m not a avid music fan but I can attest that even me, whenever I’m not in the mood, I turn to music and in an instant, it brightens up my mood. That’s why I don’t blame other people who would spend thousands of money to get musical equipments the same why that I buy things I personally like, despite them not being a need. This ibanez 7 string from the Prestige line is definitely one, you guys will surly love!

Peavey Acoustic Guitar

There are a lot of things that I wish I learned to know or learned to do when I was still a kid. One of these is to know how to play an acoustic guitar. I made several attempts of learning the skill, but no luck. I wasn’t very keen and consistent during those times and I admit my lack of push made it so hard for me to learn the skill. But who knows, I may not have succeed years ago, but now I could if I have the instrument to use. If I can choose, I’d like to get the peavey acoustic guitar to kickstart this new hobby.