Fun Shopping at Inflatable-Zone

Whenever I see people riding those big, transparent orb balls and roll in no particular direction and coming out looking very happy like a satisfied child, I become envious. It seems a lot of fun and I’ve always been the type of person who want to experience new things and adventures. Not many amusement parks offer this “ride” and I don’t think it’s for everyone, at least not for the fainthearted. But it’s something that one should try at least once in their lifetime. Who knows it might turn out that they really enjoy riding it and would want to do it again.

If it turns out that you love the experience, you may want to buy one for yourself and have fun with it everyday. Inflatable-Zone is an online store that manufactures and sells inflatable products such as bubble soccer, zorb ball, inflatable slide, inflatable bouncer, water game equipment etc. They even have colorful and bouncy Inflatable Castle ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate where kids can slide and play to their hearts content. In business since 2008, Inflatable-Zone holds the distinction of being the earliest and leading manufacturer of inflatable products. The company makes sure that they only produce and sell items that are of high quality, thanks to their advanced technology, heat-welding machines, fine workmanship, and quality assurance. They also pride themselves in having a professional, knowledgeable, and hard working staff responsible for after-sales, OEM, drop-ship facilitation services etc.

Inflatable-Zone likewise offers customization services like logo-printing, personalized size, shape, and design. Customers can go through all their products by clicking through categories like Bubble Soccer, Water Game, Zorb Ball, Inflatable Bouncer, Inflatable Slide, Inflatable Game, and Inflatable Tent. They deliver worldwide to countries in North America (Canada, United States, Mexico, Trinidad), Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador), and Australia. All the products are shipped directly from the factories to Inflatable-Zone. Only after careful checking are they shipped out.

Inflatable-Zone has three payment options including Paypal and major credit cards and debit cards. If it turns out that you’re not pleased with what you bought, you can return it before order completion and get a full refund provided that the package isn’t damaged. Furthermore, warranty doesn’t cover the risks of any package damage or loss due to the responsibility of the delivery company.

Feel free to visit their website and browse through all the products and browse available items just like Shop Now and buy for your loved ones.

Moog Theremin: One of the Oldest Electronic Instruments

For a musician, there is nothing more satisfying to learn how to use another electronic musical instrument that of course, not widely known on today’s generation. There are a lot of instruments which are very much popular before that fades its popularity right after the modernization took over. But really, these instruments are still capable of producing high quality and unique sound that musicians would for sure love to test and try. One of these is moog theremin that happens to be one of the oldest electronic instruments we have today. It’s the only instrument that does not require touching the material when you play. You only have to move your hands above or in the space around the antennas and you are good to go to control the volume and pitch..

Songs to Live By

Aside from great hospitality and close family ties, Filipinos are also known for their love for music. In fact, many great Filipino singers and song writers are making their name in the international scene. A typical Filipino gathering, celebration, would involve a karaoke even if you’re away from your home country. True it is, the love we have for music is seen not only here, but globally too. But even without a karaoke, a nice guitar instrument is a good way to make the party going! You can check out ibanez relic for high quality guitar that’s perfect for an acoustic song!