Moog Theremin: One of the Oldest Electronic Instruments

For a musician, there is nothing more satisfying to learn how to use another electronic musical instrument that of course, not widely known on today’s generation. There are a lot of instruments which are very much popular before that fades its popularity right after the modernization took over. But really, these instruments are still capable of producing high quality and unique sound that musicians would for sure love to test and try. One of these is moog theremin that happens to be one of the oldest electronic instruments we have today. It’s the only instrument that does not require touching the material when you play. You only have to move your hands above or in the space around the antennas and you are good to go to control the volume and pitch..

Songs to Live By

Aside from great hospitality and close family ties, Filipinos are also known for their love for music. In fact, many great Filipino singers and song writers are making their name in the international scene. A typical Filipino gathering, celebration, would involve a karaoke even if you’re away from your home country. True it is, the love we have for music is seen not only here, but globally too. But even without a karaoke, a nice guitar instrument is a good way to make the party going! You can check out ibanez relic for high quality guitar that’s perfect for an acoustic song!

Things you Need for your Kitchen Makeover

Ever since I started working, one of my goals that I know I have to push through is to own a house. I still don’t have a target year or date in mind, but nonetheless, this will surely come to reality any time soon, and I can only hope for that. But even before getting a house, I really like browsing sites for home decorations, furniture designs, or even custom cabinet shops. But today, I’d like to share this website that I have recently discovered. You can check out for broad line of quality products for your woodworking needs. They offer cabinet organizer, closet organizer, drawer slides, cabinet hinges, and many more, that’s very much suitable for your kitchen renovation!