Little Lights: MMFF Animation Category Finalist

Manila, Philippines – “Little Lights” is a story about being born with a lack of light. More importantly, it shows what happens when we, as individuals and as a community, discover what it means to be empowered by our differences and similarities.
A physically weak but strong-minded firefly named Charlie is forced to face his fears. Charlie struggles, not only to overcome his fear of darkness, but also to find his place in his discord-riddled firefly community. But, in spite of his own weaknesses and the indifference of his fellow fireflies, Charlie sets out to become stronger, eventually leading his loved ones to safety when danger arises.
Told using a combination of unique visual and musical artistry, Little Lights aims to inspire others to find their own light and to not be afraid to share it.
Little Lights is a passion project that started with two artists, Rivelle Mallari and Regie Espiritu, who envisioned telling a story by combining the art of animation and a musical scoring.
Now, the Animation film is made available again to be seen in selected theatre this December. (Pls. see screening details below)

About the Director:
Rivelle Mallari is a magna cum laude graduate of University of the Philippines Diliman in Bachelor in Arts in Film and Audio Visual Communication. Ever since, she loves arts specifically animated films

About the MMDA New Wave Section
Mr. Emerson Carlos, Chairman of MMDA, supports the MMFF’s New Wave Section and believes that this will create a venue for promising filmmakers to showcase their creativity and their talents.
Now on its third year, the Animation Category of the MMFF New Wave is continuous in its support of the thriving art of animated filmmaking in the Philippine film industry. Its objective is to cater and recognize the country’s pool of talents in producing animated works that reflect not only the technical prowess of artist, but also their creativity in telling stories through visual narratives.
MMFF New Wave 2015 will run from December 17 to 24 at SM Megamall, Glorietta 4, and Robinsons Place Manila.

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Patricia Cabredo – 0927 2222697

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Why Women Should Not Wear High Heels All the Time

A lot of women like to wear high heels not only because they’re stylish but also because they obviously add several inches to your height and that’s a good thing especially if you’re petite. Furthermore, wearing one makes a woman look sexier and more confident. Stilettos are the gold standard in women’s footwear for almost any occasion but high heels are oftentimes uncomfortable and can cause major problems for your feet and ultimately your budget because let’s face it, they’re quite addicting. The more you wear them, the more you want to buy another pair. Before you know it, you already have a closet full of shoes.

Having joint pain is one danger of wearing high heels. It lacks any notable shock absorption and stops the foot from naturally rotating as you walk. As a result, the knee absorbs the pressure of each step and therefore lead to acute joint pain. Experiencing lower back pain is another discomfort a woman feels when wearing high heels because it causes your pelvis to push forward as you stand or walk. Thus, immense pressure is placed on the lower back. A sprained ankle isn’t uncommon either since it’s quite hard to perfectly balance especially in stilettos. Over time, you’ll also develop callouses.

reef GypsyLove

If you’re wearing high heels for the first time, start off with wearing lower heels rather than high heels and never wear heels that’re too tight. But if you’re tired of those stylish yet uncomfortable footwear, high quality, affordable, and comfortable sandals and flip flops are the way to go. There’re many different styles available at Reef, the environmentally conscious brand that takes comfortability to a whole new level. Shoppers will have a field day browsing their wide array of stylish sandals and flip flops for men and women. Their women’s sandals are categorized into Classics, Leather, Rubber, Athletic sandals, and Fashion. I have my eye on a couple of them such as the reef Gypsy Love which has a multicolored woven strap with ultra soft terry cloth lining, soft suede leather footbed with anatomical arch support, rubber sponge outsole for flexibility, and durable rubber outsole with traction.

I also like the Miss J-Bay which has 51% post-industrial recycled triple density Eva footbed with anatomical arch support, ISA L.I.T.E (Low Impact To The Environment) full grain padded leather strap, ISA L.I.T.E. leather deck, and 25% recycled rubber outsole with icon tulip logo. This is ideal for casual trips to the mall. The other one that I would like to have is the reef Creamy Leather which is made of handmade premium leather from Brazil. It has full grain leather footbed with anatomical arch support, ultra soft full grain leather strap with knot detail, and durable rubber outsole. These sandals are really value for your money since you’ll wear them for a very long time.

Eye Makeup X Makeup Tools Mini Wish List

I just got home from a tiring dance rehearsal with my colleagues. We do these rehearsals on top of our working hours in the office and mind you, we don’t receive extra pay for this. This isn’t an easy thing to do, but fun, yes! I love doing this despite the downsides because, I get to mingle with other people outside my team which helps me widen my circle, and keeps my body moving which, are definitely great things . But of course, despite my overly busy schedule, I can always find time to catch a little bit about a thing or two in the web! So here you go dear readers.

I noticed I haven’t bought anything to add in my makeup kit for a really long while now. If you’ll get to browse everything inside it, expect to only see a handful of lippies (you know how much I’m sweet on with these), mirror, comb and a black liquid eyeliner. I really didn’t mind this at all, but I’m so hooked on online shopping these days (if you notice that on my previous post) that I stumble upon too many to mention online shopping websites, including where I caught myself looking over these must-haves.

1. 88 Colors Warm Makeup Set Professional Box Eyeshadow – I have a tan skin complexion but that will never stop me from wearing warm make up colors. I like earthly hues prolly because it look natural when the right colors were combined together, and it can also look classy and delicate when eyes and eyebrows are on fleek! Agree? (View here)

2. Beauty 5 Pcs Eyeshadow Brush Set with Candy Color Case – This candy color case is such a cutie! There are other colors available aside from pink too, such as black, golden, green and purple. This is very handy, small and easy to carry. It’s a big help for securing brushes when we are on-the-go. (View here)

3. 7 Pcs Makeup Brush Set with Candy Color Leather Case – This is similar to number 2, but more spacious which can hold up to 7 pcs of makeup brushes including kabuki brush. This is perfect for travelling when you know you need more brushes to use than the normal. It comes to different colors too such as jacinth, olive green and pink. (View here)

4. New Mermaid Shaped Design Eyebrow Trimmer Eyebrow Razor Beauty Makeup Tool – I usually let an eyebrow grooming specialist to do my eyebrow trimming just because I still don’t know how to do it on my own. It is in fact costly. That’s mainly the reason why I’m putting this eyebrow trimmer makeup tool on my list! Will need to get some time to learn the basic. (View here)