PhilCare: Get Healthy and Go Places

Purchase of PhilCare prepaid cards yields GetGo Rewards points

PhilCare believes that the path to wellness goes beyond having an effective health care coverage or an immediate access to medical providers. To be truly healthy means taking the time to enjoy life’s little pleasures while ensuring that you are protected for medical emergencies at all time.

This is the vision behind PhilCare’s latest partnership with GetGo Rewards by Cebu Pacific, a lifestyle program that allows card holders to accumulate points on everyday spending and redeem these points for free flights. GetGo points can be earned from buying groceries, paying utility bills, refilling the car with gasoline, and now—even when taking care of your health.

PhilCare: Get Healthy Go Places

To kick off the partnership between two brands, PhilCare and GetGo has launched “Get Healthy. Go Places” which will give as much as 750 GetGo points for every purchase of one of PhilCare’s prepaid health cards. PhilCare prepaid health cards included in the promo include ER Vantage cards, Medical and Dental cards, Health Vantage cards and Health Vantage Elite cards. PhilCare members are automatically eligible for a GetGo cards upon purchase of any of the prepaid health cards mentioned above.

“PhilCare has always advocated for a 360 degree view on health and wellness. We have addressed the need for affordable and accessible health care products by offering our prepaid cards, starting from the ER Vantage cards, with 40K, 60K and 80K maximum benefit limits which allows access to medical providers for emergency health concerns; and then we supplemented it with the introduction of the Health Vantage and Health Vantage Elite cards, which offers a more comprehensive and extensive one-year emergency health care coverage; and finally, to answer the clamor for an unlimited consultation card to complement ER Vantage, we introduced our Medical and Consultation cards for kids, adults and senior citizens early this year. The partnership with GetGo meanwhile addresses our belief for over-all wellness and health,” shared Noemi G. Azura, president and chief executive officer (CEO) for PhilCare.

By partnering with GetGo, Azura hopes that PhilCare members will be more inspired to travel discover new places and get much needed R&R.
Traveling keeps the brain and body healthier, according to a study published in MarketWatch. It’s also said to lower the risk of heart attack and death from coronary disease in certain groups, while the new and complex situations encountered while traveling can also help keep the brain sharp.
The “Get Healthy Go Places” promo is just the first in a series as part of the partnership between PhilCare and GetGo Rewards which will run until March 20, 2017.

“PhilCare is committed to continuously innovate in order to give our members a different perspective of the health care industry and to provide best-in-class customer experience. We started by offering the first NFC-enabled HMO card in the Philippines, introducing prepaid health cards, and now, we are partnering with organizations and businesses that are well-known for their wellness programs and benefits,” adds Azura.

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TINAPAYAN FESTIVAL, House of Breads – Speaks of Real Bread Flavor and No Other

Tinapayan Festival

When a small business turns into something near to an institution in a community after years of being there, it only means one thing – there is something definitely good in it. For Tinapayan Festival: House of Breads, bringing the real value and importance of bread to the public is their main thrust.

Situated at the corner of Dapitan and Don Quijote Sts. In Manila is a business that has been there for nearly 3 decades. What started out as a simple bread store is now an establishment that serves both soft and sweet dough breads to the public. Owned by Mr. Lucito Chavez, this panadero – as he calls himself, is a person truly dedicated in making his breads nearer to the consuming public and true to what a sweet and soft dough bread should be. His aim is to make people truly value this staple food in terms of nutrients and the craftsmanship that goes with each piece created and served.

Tinapayan Festival is currently serving loaves – standard and specialized, cakes, savory breads, cookies, sweet and soft dough creations such as cheese rolls and ensaymadas. They have a bread creation for nearly all occasions.
Whatever bread creation you choose, Tinapayan Festival stays true to deliver to you good quality bread; not too sweet or salty, simply just right for all ages. You will taste real bread flavor and the added flavor ingredients in every bite; such is the experience you will have when you try their specialized loaves, cheese rolls, ensaymadas, and other bread creations. They also make sure that what is served to you is freshly baked for the day. Tinapayan Festival bakes their bread the whole day, every day.

Enjoy a wide variety of loaves! From your standard American loaf (commonly called as tasty), to cheese loaves, to ube loaves and even wheat loaves – for the healthy minded individual, they have something for you. As a gift, either to yourself, your family, friends or love ones, choose from their wide selection such as ensaymada – regular or special (either with red egg, with ham or ube), cheese rolls – regular or premium, ube twirls, potato breads, banana cakes (sliced or whole), bars (caramel, blueberry or strawberry), round cakes (almond cheese cakes, cheese dinner roll, holiday bread, black forest, etc), brownies, cookies and pianono.

This holiday season, Tinapayan Festival is accepting bulk orders of your American loaf bread (commonly known as tasty) at a discounted price! You may start calling them at 732-2188/7328718 to get details and file your orders, if interested.

At present, Tinapayan Festival has three store locations; the main store in Manila (at the corner of Don Quijote and Dapitan Sts.), the one at the Fisher Mall in Quezon City (old Pantranco area) and that of in Market, Market in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). You can enjoy all of their bestsellers and find new favorites when you visit any of their store locations.

Little Lights: MMFF Animation Category Finalist

Manila, Philippines – “Little Lights” is a story about being born with a lack of light. More importantly, it shows what happens when we, as individuals and as a community, discover what it means to be empowered by our differences and similarities.
A physically weak but strong-minded firefly named Charlie is forced to face his fears. Charlie struggles, not only to overcome his fear of darkness, but also to find his place in his discord-riddled firefly community. But, in spite of his own weaknesses and the indifference of his fellow fireflies, Charlie sets out to become stronger, eventually leading his loved ones to safety when danger arises.
Told using a combination of unique visual and musical artistry, Little Lights aims to inspire others to find their own light and to not be afraid to share it.
Little Lights is a passion project that started with two artists, Rivelle Mallari and Regie Espiritu, who envisioned telling a story by combining the art of animation and a musical scoring.
Now, the Animation film is made available again to be seen in selected theatre this December. (Pls. see screening details below)

About the Director:
Rivelle Mallari is a magna cum laude graduate of University of the Philippines Diliman in Bachelor in Arts in Film and Audio Visual Communication. Ever since, she loves arts specifically animated films

About the MMDA New Wave Section
Mr. Emerson Carlos, Chairman of MMDA, supports the MMFF’s New Wave Section and believes that this will create a venue for promising filmmakers to showcase their creativity and their talents.
Now on its third year, the Animation Category of the MMFF New Wave is continuous in its support of the thriving art of animated filmmaking in the Philippine film industry. Its objective is to cater and recognize the country’s pool of talents in producing animated works that reflect not only the technical prowess of artist, but also their creativity in telling stories through visual narratives.
MMFF New Wave 2015 will run from December 17 to 24 at SM Megamall, Glorietta 4, and Robinsons Place Manila.

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Patricia Cabredo – 0927 2222697

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