Keep Sparkling with Glitters!

The best way to shine in the limelight is to sparkle! Glitters are the perfect way to stand out in the crowd. From shoes to dresses and accessories, a little shimmer will go a long way. The problem with glitters on clothing though is they eventually fall out – may it be from washing or just by plainly wearing the clothing. Is your dress shedding glitters in a party? Talk about awkward. The trick is to keep a hairspray in hand and spritz it on the areas where glitters fall out. Washing machines can easily remove the dazzling glitters on your dress so when washing, turn the dress inside out and place it inside a mesh bag.

What I Wore: Pinky Friday

It’s been a month since my last update. I know I owe you guys another blog post, so here it is. I received my Romwe items last month and I got to wear it few weeks ago already. Above shows three out of four items from the parcel, the Black Snakeskin Pattern Flats, Grey Round Neck Long Sleeve Floral Sweatshirt and Spaghetti Strap Pink Cami Top.

How can I not fall in love with this pink cami top. It looks very youthful and fresh, plus, it fits me best! I can pair it with skirt, shorts or pants and will still look classy-ish casual. I like it! The long sleeve floral sweatshirt is a little bit bigger than my size. I picked the wrong size, this often happens when I do online shopping. Nonetheless, I like its design. But I like it a little lesser than the pink cami top because the fabric is a bit itchy and it’s uncomfortable. The last photo shows the snakeskin pattern flats, and it’s my new favorite footwear now. I like it prolly because it reminds me of Nadine Lustre’s shoes in OTWOL.

What I Wore: Active Edition

Sports Bra: Forever 21; Shoes: Under Armour; Top:Run United Philippine Marathon Official Singlet; Shorts: Forever 21

If you are a reader of my other blog, you may know that I joined Run United Philippines Marathon 2015 last October 04. Running a half-marathon is not as easy breezy as you may think. You have to endure leg pain and all that sort. But no worries, because the fulfillment it gives after accomplishing the race is beyond words and it will always be! Above photo shows what I wore during the big day.

Wearing a comfortable outfit during activities like this has always been a must. Every runner must wear something that gives full support without of course compromising comfort to avoid extra pain and such. With that, here are my few quick tips to share when choosing a running outfit:

1. I know how excited you are to wear your brand new running shoes for the marathon, but please make sure to use it first at least 3 times before wearing it on a long distance run. You don’t want to suffer any foot pain or the like while you’re on the road beating your PR, do you?
2. For girls, wear a sports bra that offers maximum support. This is very important because it helps improve running form, and even helps to avoid injury.
3. Be fashionable but don’t compromise your comfort. Wear only the clothes that fits you best, not too tight and not too loose.
4. As you can see, I didn’t wear any running belts, hydration belt or GPS watch. I don’t advise you to do the same, but if you don’t feel like wearing it (like me), just refrain from wearing so. You can try to wear them first during your training so you can get used to it before the run day. This may add discomfort, in a way, too.
5. Tie your hair. I know some girls prefer to have their hair lay down while running, but my forever suggestion will be, to keep your hair in tact. You don’t want to get distracted every now and then whenever your hair gets on your face, and it looks more neat especially because we are expecting a serious sweat!