What I Wore: Black is Back

The start of my October has been a mixture of happy and the unfortunate. Bad things do happen whether we expect it or not. It is inevitable, but that should never be an excuse for making myself out of focus. Despite unfortunate events that happened, there are so many good reasons, that I can say, made the start of my October oh-so-delightful.

Anyway, photos above show what I wore last October 2. This is a late OOTD, I know. I just love how easy looking this outfit is. For the longest time, I refrained myself from wearing black tops because of my morena skin complexion. I look even darker when wearing a dark top. But you see, I pulled off this look nicely! Yes?

I got this shirt from a thrift shop way back college, (that’s two years ago) but this was just the second time that I got to wear it. There’s nothing really fancy about this look, but I like it prolly because of the idea of myself returning back to black! And to a brand new belief that black looks good on morena too!

Online Shopping On A Lucky Day

It’s nothing unusual for everybody to see me in front of my laptop on my rest days. So let’s count this day to be one of those days. I was on my usual lazy day position while I remembered something that made me ecstatic, like really really ecstatic! I got up on bed and browse one of the shopping websites I partnered with, two years ago. I jumped with joy as I opened my account, seeing the remaining credits I had in there. Next thing I knew I was already browsing their sale collection! You see, I didn’t have any plans to go shopping today but just my luck, I did!

I was able to buy four items from the remaining credits I had and only paid around $8 for the shipping fee. I got the items on a discounted price. That’s 55% off, what a steal! Great way to start my October isn’t? I bought Black Snakeskin Pattern Flats, Elastic Waist Geometric Print A-Line Skirt, Grey Round Neck Long Sleeve Floral Sweatshirt and Spaghetti Strap Pink Cami Top. It might take another 7-15 days before I receive it, and I can’t wait! I’ll definitely create a separate blog post for that, stay tuned!

Image above is not mine. Grabbed it from Ashley (ashleyelladesign.com).

My Kind of Laid Back Style

You know how much I love wearing the basics on a normal, lazy day. Here’s what I wore earlier, an aeropostle top, purple shorts (from a thrift shop, btw), and a pair of addidas shoes which I totally love. I usually have this laid back feel when I know it’s gonna be a busy long day for me, you see, I choose comfort over style most of the times. Though I know a lot of other fashion enthusiasts who choose the otherwise, with that, hats off!

Got to witness myself what the fuss was all about, talking about Heneral Luna film. I did enjoy watching the entire film. I thought it’s gonna be the usual historical film I watched, but I find it hilarious and funny at some point. I’ll give five stars! I heard Heneral Luna is the Philippines’ official entry to the Best Foreign Language Film category of the 2016 Oscars, good job!