Online Shopping On A Lucky Day

It’s nothing unusual for everybody to see me in front of my laptop on my rest days. So let’s count this day to be one of those days. I was on my usual lazy day position while I remembered something that made me ecstatic, like really really ecstatic! I got up on bed and browse one of the shopping websites I partnered with, two years ago. I jumped with joy as I opened my account, seeing the remaining credits I had in there. Next thing I knew I was already browsing their sale collection! You see, I didn’t have any plans to go shopping today but just my luck, I did!

I was able to buy four items from the remaining credits I had and only paid around $8 for the shipping fee. I got the items on a discounted price. That’s 55% off, what a steal! Great way to start my October isn’t? I bought Black Snakeskin Pattern Flats, Elastic Waist Geometric Print A-Line Skirt, Grey Round Neck Long Sleeve Floral Sweatshirt and Spaghetti Strap Pink Cami Top. It might take another 7-15 days before I receive it, and I can’t wait! I’ll definitely create a separate blog post for that, stay tuned!

Image above is not mine. Grabbed it from Ashley (


  1. Online shopping is very convenient especially the things you want to purchase are on stock. The only problem with this style of shopping is receiving a defective item and the process of returning it and claiming a refund.

  2. Elizabeth O.

    Shopping is always delightful regardless if you’re doing it in a mall or if you’re just sitting in front of your computer. That was such a nice treat, being able to buy items on sale!

  3. wow, you must have had quite a lot of credits left even though it was on discount! that’s quite a big haul, isn’t it? do remember to show us the haul when it got shipped!

  4. I just ordered a bunch of new bikinis online and they’re currently sitting on my bed….and here I am waiting for rainy days to be over! Online shopping is gift and a curse, lol.

  5. I am not really into online shopping because I want to handle and/or fit the merchandise before I buy it. Congrats to you though, credit is credit!

  6. I love shopping online because they offer much discounted items compare to the malls.however. the size is my issue esp when im buying pants and shoes. Most often than noy itll fit and sometimes not. Whats wrong with my feet?? Lol

  7. that’s the best bit I like about online shopping! You buy and that’s fun… then the goods arrive and you get to try them on and it’s fun all over again for one purchase 🙂

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