How to Wear Cream Blush
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6 Easy Ways to Wear Cream Blush

Cream blush may be daunting to use. For people who have oily skin, you may worry that it will melt off your face or enhance problem areas on the skin. Cream blush can be a skin enhancer, easy to wear and natural looking. It’s actually much easier to apply unlike what you are thinking. Here are some tricks on how to wear cream blush and make it look good.

By Using Fingers

 If you have dry skin applying cream blush with your fingers is the best option. Tap the product into the skin for a blended, natural look. Begin at the apples of the cheeks and blend the color back towards the hairline. Using your fingers is a great option for people who worry about over-application or those who would rather build up intensity.

By Using a Stippling Brush

Some people don’t like using their fingers, if you’re this person try to use your favorite stippling brush. A stippling brush will help you not apply too much product and will allow you to blend it into your skin.

Cream before Powder

 Always apply cream products before powder. If you are going to use your favorite powder foundation, try to apply the cream blusher first, using a heavy hand, and then apply your powder foundation over it. If you use liquid foundation, apply the blusher before you apply any setting powders. Cream over powder will look clumpy and splotchy on the skin.

 Fix it With Foundation

If you over-applied cream blush and fear the look is going a little clown-like, correct it by spreading over the area with the brush or sponge you used to apply the foundation. Don’t add too much foundation, just use the excess left on your applicator to neutralize the blush color.

Layer Blushes

Cream blushes don’t last as long as powder blushes, especially if you’re in a hot climate or have the type of oily skin. To extend the time of your blush set your cream with a powder blush, either in a corresponding color or a shiny powder over a matte cream for a layered finish. This will lock in the color to make the blush lasts throughout a long working day, in a hot climate or through a workout session.

Use Lipstick as a Blusher

If you want to try the cream blush trend but fear it may not be for you, start with experimenting with lipsticks. Choose a lipstick shade that is in the semi-matte to sheer range (avoiding shiny or metallic finishes). Swipe a clean finger over the top of the lipstick and rub between your fingers to warm the product up. Lightly tap the product over the apples of the cheeks and then work it into the skin with a buffing brush, stippling brush or carry on using your fingers.

It also works the other way round, apply a lip safe cream blush as a lipstick. Just gently tap your blush into the lips, starting in the centre and blending it outwards.

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