A Guide to Summer Makeup 2020

A Guide to Summer Makeup 2020

Makeup is always evolving and trends are dictated as much by the weather as they are by designers, artists and, celebrities. When the sun is blazing and you’re working through intense heats or are on vacation, you want to avoid looking like a melting mess. Summer heatwaves don’t mean you have to totally eliminate makeup from your routine, but there are ways of avoiding that sweaty, dripping state we’re often in.

Skip the Foundation

We understand not everyone has the genes (or the budget) to have perfect skin that doesn’t require some type of coverage. When it’s warm skip the foundation and let your skin breathe. Try to choose a tinted moisturizer with SPF, these 2 in 1 formulas often have skin enhancing ingredients that work as skincare as well as sunscreen and a range of coverages. If you have any problem areas just dab a little concealer on them, rather than covering your entire face.  If you’re someone who has to have foundation ripped from their cold hand, then mix an oil-free moisturizer in with your foundation for a softer, sheer appearance that won’t appear patchy in the heat.

Waterproof Mascara

It may be hard to remove at the end of the day but it’s a summer necessity. Say goodbye to panda eyes with a good waterproof mascara, it’s not just for the pool its sweat proof and generally warm weatherproof. The film-forming polymers in these mascaras will extend the wear and allow you to swim, sweat and generally live in the heat. Invest in an oil-based makeup remover for an easier make removing routine.

Hydrated Lips

Keep your lips hydrated because the strong sun and change in temperature can damage the skin in that area, leaving your lips damaged and flaky. Make sure you wear a balm with SPF and exfoliate regularly.  Ideally, you should reapply a lip safe SPF every two hours and you should exfoliate twice a week.


Worried about sun exposure but don’t want to look pasty? This is where bronzer comes in, when the sun is so damaging it’s best to fake it. Pick the right tone for you, it doesn’t always have to be golden tones.

Swirl the brush in your powder, cool tones, taupe or gold-hued, and then tap any excess off. With a light hand dab the powder onto the cheekbones, foreheads and, nose (any high points that the sun naturally bronzes first). The trick to natural looking bronzer is to brush the powder into the skin rather than blending it in.

Skip the Shimmer

We all love that dewy glow but there is a difference between looking radiant and looking shiny. Avoid luminous cream foundations, unless you have really dry skin, as the humidity will already make you look sweaty looking. Also, as much as we love a blinding highlighter replace it with a softer radiant product like a cream highlight or a natural powder.

Mists and Sprays

Setting mists are a personal preference, some oily skinned wearers may want a mattifying spray to help keep the shininess at bay. Others may prefer a dewy mist that helps enhance dry skin’s natural glow. These sprays are great for meshing your make up together, avoiding that unnatural cake look, and they extend the life of your look and avoid any awkward transfer.

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