Ultimate Lifestyle blog is a lifestyle and beauty blog that talks about makeup, skin care, hair care, reviews, and whatnot. This blog has been around since May 2015 but was set aside back then due to conflicting schedules, crazy life and procrastination in between. Four years later, Ultimate Lifestyle has been relaunched as a beauty blog and has been producing beauty-related contents including tips and reviews for its growing readers.

This blog is a passion project and a side hustle of an Asian girl from the Philippines named, Dianne. Her goal is to grow this blog from followers to statistics by consistent blog updates and active engagement.

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Dianne is a Computer Engineering graduate, working in a 9-5 job as an IT Professional in Manila, Philippines. Her day job allows her to use her technical knowledge as her bread and butter while her blog as a creative outlet and a medium for her writings. In a workplace and industry dominated by men, she pauses through this blog and pours her love for pretty things on the pages of this little abode she created.

Her desire to put up this blog strengthened when she tried to search for a certain product/service reviews online, only to find outdated blogs and a handful of sponsored posts. Blogging isn’t dead yet, she believes. She aims to be of help, one way or another through this blog’s freshly published posts.

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