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    The Secret to Walking Fabulously in Heels minus the Pain

    From beauty queens to the career woman, heels would always be the staple footwear. Whether it’s a night-out or a work, heels would definitely complete your outfit. If you’re running low on height, a pair of cute heels would make any petite girl look a little taller. Other than that, heels improve your posture. Now the downside is, after all the walking in those super high heels, is the foot cramps. Nobody likes aching so here’s a little tip to looking fabulous in heels without torturing yourself. 1. Slip in a shoe cushion. These silicone pads placed at the ball of your foot for shock absorption. It’s every model’s secret…

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    How to Avoid Smelly Armpits

    Body odour is a common problem to people especially growing women. Contrary to popular belief, sweat is not the only cause of having smelly underarms. A mixture of bacteria, dead cells and sweat that can be found in every human being’s underarms is the reason behind the stench. The best way to avoid foul odour and keep smelling fresh all day is to regularly wash your underarms with an antibacterial soap and exfoliating. Make sure to towel-dry your pits to avoid breeding bacteria and use a hypo-allergenic antiperspirant for a sweet smell. With these quick and easy to remember tips, you’ll surely be saying to those smelly pits buh-bye!

  • Ditch Bad Breath Now

    Ditch Bad Breath Now!

    When you’re breath smells gross, it’s hard to socialize. Heck, it may even jeopardize your whole dating life. Nothing’s better than a kiss-worthy breath that smells fresh and clean. To avoid bad breath, read up these simple tips below. First, make sure to maintain a good oral hygiene. Bad breath’s main culprit is the bacteria left on your mouth that feeds on leftover food stuck between your teeth. Start off by brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at night. It could also be helpful if you rinse with a mouthwash to stay fresher longer. It’s also important that you should avoid from smoking and drink at…

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    The Complete Guide for Smooth and Fair Underarms

    Don’t let dark underarms stop you from wearing adorable sleeveless tops and dresses! The last thing that you want to do is wear a sweater for life. Every girl deserves to have smooth and fair underarms. Now here’s your guide to avoid darkening of your underarm’s skin colour. Instead of shaving, try waxing. Shaving not only thickens underarm hair but it can also darken your underarm. The best thing to do is look for another hair removal alternative like waxing. Don’t wear clothing that is too tight for you. As much as possible, let your skin Breathe by wearing loose clothing. Tight clothes cause friction on your skin which leads…