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    My Kind of Laid Back Style

    You know how much I love wearing the basics on a normal, lazy day. Here’s what I wore earlier, an aeropostle top, purple shorts (from a thrift shop, btw), and a pair of addidas shoes which I totally love. I usually have this laid back feel when I know it’s gonna be a busy long day for me, you see, I choose comfort over style most of the times. Though I know a lot of other fashion enthusiasts who choose the otherwise, with that, hats off! Got to witness myself what the fuss was all about, talking about Heneral Luna film. I did enjoy watching the entire film. I thought…

  • Style Guide Maxi Skirts 101

    Style Guide: Maxi Skirts 101

    A maxi skirt is a long skirt that flows down to your ankle. Most maxi skirts are worn by women when going to the beach or just plainly for casual wear. If you’re opting for a bohemian and laidback look, a maxi skirt might just do the tricks. Usually, a maxi skirt is perfect for tall girls those especially with long legs. But if you have a petite frame, a maxi skirt might make you look even shorter than your original height In order to wear a maxi skirt well, the key is matching your top and your shoes. For short girls, it is preferable if you wear wedges whereas…

  • How to Find the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for You

    How to Find the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for You

    A cool pair of sunglasses is a great accessory to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Plus they’re your perfect buddy when you have to hide those unruly eye bags after an all-nighter. Other than that, it’s the best trinket to make you look glam! Look more fab by choosing the kind of frames that suits your face. For round faced girls go for sunglasses with wide lenses. For girls with an oval-shaped face, try on square and rectangular frames. Oval and round shape frames on the other hand suits faces that are square-shaped. If your face is rectangle-shaped, try on frames with strong brow lines.

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    Glam Up on Time with Philip Stein

    Functionality and Fashion: that’s what Philip Stein Women’s 4FMOPABS Small Alligator Strap Watch is all about. Fit for the elegant career woman who’s bound to explore the world, this dazzling dual dial watch features oval-shaped dual-time zone displays in an elegant mother-of-pearl hue complemented by silver-tone short hands. Traveling on time would never be a drag for this timepiece with a rectangular case and bezel brushed in silver-tone stainless steel has a steadfast Swiss Quartz Movement. With its lovely black alligator strap, this double dial watch definitely oozes with glamour. Not only that, two TESLAR chips which is known for improving the wearer’s sleep, concentration and well-being is attached at…