Hair Care

How to Keep Your Hair Colour Vibrant


Colouring your hair is an easy way to update your look! Yes, it could be costly and take too much of your time so it’s only practical to extend your hair colour’s life. In order to keep your vibrant hair colour last long, here are a few tips.

    1. Always deep condition your hair. Moisturized hair makes it difficult for hair colour to fade. So next time, use a good conditioner with a moisturizing ingredient like aloe Vera extract.
    2. Go organic. Harsh chemicals found in shampoos can make your colour look dull. Opt for organic hair products that are gentle and safe for treated hair.
    3. Protect your hair from the sun. Heat is your hair colour’s number one enemy. In order to prevent it from fading quickly, wear a hat or a scarf when you’re outdoors. It’s also good if you use hair serums with at least SPF20.

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