How to Wear Neon Eyeliner

How to Wear Neon Eyeliner in Different Styles

Neon eyeliner is so much more than a quirky festival fashion, it’s evolved past raver-ready war paint and is now one of the summer’s hottest trends. It can be worn in many different ways from Kylie Jenner’s inner corner pop of yellow to Camila Mendes’ bold two-tone eyeliner look at the Met Gala.

The easiest way to add a colouful twist to your eye look is to replace your black or brown eyeliner with a bold electric or neon eyeliner.


Bold yellow liner that’s a step below neon shade is especially striking against darker skin tones. When wearing a bold color, like a yellow, keep the rest of face more neutral. Keep the focus on eyeliner by skipping shadow and focusing on the yellow liner. Replace your black cat eye with a yellow gel eyeliner or smudge a pencil eyeliner on your lower lash line to perk up a single eye look. We adore Kylie Jenner’s twist on the neutral by using a yellow shadow as an inner corner highlight.

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Two Tones

For those who want to be a little more adventurous and unique, try playing with two contrasting shades- like pink and green or blue and yellow. Play around the colors and see what works for you. Makeup has no rules, all you need is the confidence to make it work.  We recommend using the same texture or finish for both, so using gel or liquid on both sides, using a matte liner or glitter shadow for the whole look.

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Double Cat Eye

The double cat eye is when you layer a colored line on top of a black one, usually on a cat eye winged liner look. Liquid eyeliner formulas create a strong graphic look and leave the double cat eye looking extra crisp for your neon eyeliner. Use a black eye for the first line and then apply a thinner, bold liner right on of it. Make sure the liquid liner has set by you go in with another shade to avoid the two running together.

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Red Liner

Red eyeshadow has been one of the most popular shadow trends of recent years. If you’re feeling especially daring, try out red eyeliner. Wear the red line alone, with a little highlighter dusted in the inner corners and at the brow bone. This will stop it looking like you have conjunctivitis. When wearing such a warmed toned eye look try and keep your lip color cool.

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Colored Mascara

 Bold colored mascara has returned from the 80s. Swipe colored mascara on the top and bottom lashes to make your eyes really pop. Green and blue colors can really enhance your eye color. Try matching your eyeliner to your mascara. If you are finding it hard to build up the color without your lashes clumping, try using a white base or a primer.

If you want a more paired down mascara look but are still keen to embrace the bold lashes, try sweeping colored masacara on the tips of your lashes. Swipe a colored mascara over your favorite black formula.  This will give your lashes a colored sheen rather than a bold blast of color.

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Graphic Liner

Crisp, graphic eyeliner is retro but totally on trend. Graphic liner can be as simple or as dramatic as you want it to be.

We love banana liner, where you look straight at a mirror and draw a half-moon shape above your crease. We also love the nod to the retro of open-ended liner, where you use a liquid eyeliner to draw a wing and then draw it up, above your crease. Graphic liner can be worn over shadow, in black or with using bold neons.

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