My 5 Most Useful Mobile Application

My 5 Most Useful Mobile Application

I know you’ve seen quite a lot of blog post related to this topic. But let me share you my version of 5 most useful apps that I personally use on a daily basis. Of course, I’ll be eliminating social media apps (facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat) because it’s pretty obvious it would top among others.

1. VSCO Cam – This is my life saviour when it comes to editing photos. It has a lot of presets that can make your photo instantly beautiful. I have quite a number of filters, in fact, I have also downloaded those paid ones. But if you don’t consider paying, there are also several filters which you may download without expense.
2. Waze – This is your on-the-go map! I’m very bad with places and everything that has to deal with geography. I easily get lost wth places even when I’ve already visited the place in the past. I just find it really hard to remember the places, directions, and stuff. So when I’m out, I make sure to check waze. And I love how it also tells you traffic conditions in places, even road constructions and police alerts. It’s very useful and I can say, very much convenient to use.
3. Montano Reader – I’m an android user, by the way. This reader is the one I use to read my hundreds of ebooks in .epub format. I just love it!
4. Spotify – Who doesn’t like spotify, anyway?
5. Pocket Expense This is very much useful when it comes to budgeting. I am not that good in saving, in fact, I get to impulsively buy things I don’t really need. But this app helps me be on track with my budget. It helps me save and control my spending! And I love how it also helps me know where I allot my hard-earned money. It’s a recommended app!

Mobile phone is something I can’t live without! (plus, internet connection) I can spend a whole week without my laptop, and I’m still good. That’s why I also treat my phone as something that’s important. Better dress-up my gadgets with these stylish and functional mobile accessories from ZALORA as part of me taking care of my phone. And with all these useful apps, mobile phones will never be an ordinary thing in this fast-emerging world.

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