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Print of a Poha for Women

Hi guys. How are you? Remember that in the previous post I introduced you to the ZAFUL store? Well then, I did not resist and I stayed for a while to keep an eye on the pieces that the store has, and guess what: I’m in love with everything and I already want a piece of each, and now, what do I do?

I’ll show you some models of dress I saw in the store and break some trends for the summer that is soon knocking at our door, do you guys think?

It is no surprise that the print of a poha is a classic of fashion, originally it is from the 60’s but still today makes the head and style of many women, and as the vintage style is super high in these last seasons nothing more just that this classic enter here, look how this joint combines beauty and practicality into a look alone, I love pieces like that, you do not have to worry about many compositions, just dress and you’re ready. The same goes for dresses with prints, they will always be in fashion, no matter the trend of the season, so you can bet on a dress style so, with more classic floral print, so you guarantee that you will use your piece for much more time. Want to see more models? more tube dresses here you will not believe the amount of templates available on the store’s website. I hope you enjoyed the tip today, until the next.

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