Hair Care

Straight and Curl

I have a natural straight hair as you can see on these photos. But I tell you, it does not always look like that, it tends to be very dry and frizzy during bad hair days! This is mainly the reason why I have it straightened in a salon once every year. Besides, I am one of the lazy girls who don’t care too much about their hairs. So having it straightened is very much convenient to me.

I was trying to play around with my hair earlier today that I decided to curl it using the flat iron I bought few weeks ago. This is the very first time I’ll ever curl it using a flat iron. It took me only few minutes to finish and I can say that it didn’t look so bad for a first timer. I have it on big messy curls, as I originally planned.

Here’s how it looked like before I have it curled.

Here is the result, tadhaaa!

I might consider doing this again soon! Maybe for an event or for a party. Yes?

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