Style Guide Maxi Skirts 101

Style Guide: Maxi Skirts 101

A maxi skirt is a long skirt that flows down to your ankle. Most maxi skirts are worn by women when going to the beach or just plainly for casual wear. If you’re opting for a bohemian and laidback look, a maxi skirt might just do the tricks. Usually, a maxi skirt is perfect for tall girls those especially with long legs. But if you have a petite frame, a maxi skirt might make you look even shorter than your original height

In order to wear a maxi skirt well, the key is matching your top and your shoes. For short girls, it is preferable if you wear wedges whereas if for tall ones, either flats/sandals or a wedges will look good on you. No matter what your height is, wear a top that complements your skirt. Remember if your top and skirt don’t match, your overall outfit won’t work at all and you’ll end up looking drab.

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