The Complete Guide for Smooth and Fair Underarms

Girl In Bikini Wearing Sunglasses On A Beach Looking At The Sun

Don’t let dark underarms stop you from wearing adorable sleeveless tops and dresses! The last thing that you want to do is wear a sweater for life. Every girl deserves to have smooth and fair underarms. Now here’s your guide to avoid darkening of your underarm’s skin colour.

  • Instead of shaving, try waxing. Shaving not only thickens underarm hair but it can also darken your underarm. The best thing to do is look for another hair removal alternative like waxing.
  • Don’t wear clothing that is too tight for you. As much as possible, let your skin
  • Breathe by wearing loose clothing. Tight clothes cause friction on your skin which leads to darkening
  • Keep your armpits clean all the time. Proper hygiene is important to keep your underarms smooth and fair. Slacking off on your hygiene may not only lead to irritation but it can also store dead skin cells on your underarms and will eventually affect your skin colour.
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