The Secret to Walking Fabulously in Heels minus the Pain

From beauty queens to the career woman, heels would always be the staple footwear. Whether it’s a night-out or a work, heels would definitely complete your outfit. If you’re running low on height, a pair of cute heels would make any petite girl look a little taller. Other than that, heels improve your posture.
Now the downside is, after all the walking in those super high heels, is the foot cramps. Nobody likes aching so here’s a little tip to looking fabulous in heels without torturing yourself.

    1. Slip in a shoe cushion. These silicone pads placed at the ball of your foot for shock absorption. It’s every model’s secret to a painless walk with heels for a very long time.
    2. Wear thicker heels. Compared to a cigarette heel, a thicker heel distributes weight more evenly. Better balance, lesser pressure.
    3. Purchase only the best-fit. Wearing heels that doesn’t fit you properly gives more pressure and pain to your toes. When it comes to selecting heels, choose the ones that are not too tight.

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