What I Wore: Black is Back

The start of my October has been a mixture of happy and the unfortunate. Bad things do happen whether we expect it or not. It is inevitable, but that should never be an excuse for making myself out of focus. Despite unfortunate events that happened, there are so many good reasons, that I can say, made the start of my October oh-so-delightful.

Anyway, photos above show what I wore last October 2. This is a late OOTD, I know. I just love how easy looking this outfit is. For the longest time, I refrained myself from wearing black tops because of my morena skin complexion. I look even darker when wearing a dark top. But you see, I pulled off this look nicely! Yes?

I got this shirt from a thrift shop way back college, (that’s two years ago) but this was just the second time that I got to wear it. There’s nothing really fancy about this look, but I like it prolly because of the idea of myself returning back to black! And to a brand new belief that black looks good on morena too!


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