• Print of a Poha for Women blog

    Print of a Poha for Women

    Hi guys. How are you? Remember that in the previous post I introduced you to the ZAFUL store? Well then, I did not resist and I stayed for a while to keep an eye on the pieces that the store has, and guess what: I’m in love with everything and I already want a piece of each, and now, what…

  • Striped Pattern Fashion Trends

    Striped Pattern Trends

    One of the strongest trends of all time is undoubtedly the striped pattern, it is present in all seasons and what changes a little in fact are its colors and styles, I was taking a look at the ZAFUL pieces with this and I fell in love with some long dresses with this proposal, they are dressed in different styles…

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    Ibanez 7 String

    Music is part of our everyday’s life, even without us noticing. I’m not a avid music fan but I can attest that even me, whenever I’m not in the mood, I turn to music and in an instant, it brightens up my mood. That’s why I don’t blame other people who would spend thousands of money to get musical equipments…

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    Want a Free Photobook for your trip? #BOOKIT!

    Book a hotel through our mobile app and get a 6×6 photobook for free! TravelBook.ph has partnered with PhotoBook Philippines so you can immortalize all your travel memories. Simply download the TravelBook.ph app from App Store or Google Play, use it to book a hotel, and you can get a free 6×6 customized photobook worth PHP 1,200.00 from PhotoBook Philippines.…

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    Channel Rack Mount Digital Mixer

    Whenever I hear loud and entertaining music, I always thought of how it feels to be the one creating and mixing the music. I mean, it sounds so easy to do, but I’m sure it’s a totally different thing when you’re up there and doing the thing. Especially if you do it live around a huge number of people. They…